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The chance that you’re at home with your family right now is pretty high. It may or may not be a model nuclear family, but its still your family. Families of all kinds are being challenged right now, and this event, hosted by the University of Pittsburgh Press, is meant to open a window into the Korean Diaspora and the struggle for connection that accompanies it. 

With an MFA in poetry, and an MA in fiction, Caroline Kim was nominated by Jellyfish Review for a 2019 Best of the Net award. This month, Kim launches her first collection of short stories, The Prince of Mournful Thoughts and Other Stories.

The Prince of Mournful Thoughts and Other Stories offers a peek into the lives of Koreans and Korean-Americans that are ultimately linked by “their longing for human connection and a search for the place—or people—that will feel like home.” Kim’s characters, a teenage girl in 1980’s America; a boy growing up in the middle of the Korean War; and an immigrant father struggling to be closer to his adult daughter, all have to overcome language barriers while caught in imperfect circumstances. 

Listeners can expect “intimate, often wistful portraits set amid the stifling and conflicting expectations of families and cultures” as described by Wendy Hinman from Foreword Reviews. There is even a genre bending element to her work that comes in the form of a therapy robot.

Kim’s reading includes a conversation with American fiction writer and journalist Alexander Chee.

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The event begins October 8th at 6pm.

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