The Week is Lit

It is always critically important to show up for BIPoC writers, but particularly right now. That’s why this week, we’d like to highlight White Whale Bookstore’s Poetry Reading Series. Tomorrow night, on Saturday June 6th from 7:00pm-8:30pm, the independent booksellers will host an event featuring readings from bridgette bianca, Chiwan Choi and Rocío Carlos. 

bridgette bianca is the author of the recent book of poetry be/trouble (2020). A graduate of Howard University, she achieved her Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Otis College of Art & Design. bridgette bianca curates Making Room for Black Women, alongside Sanura Williams. 

Chiwan Choi has authored several collections of poetry, including The Flood (2010), Abductions (2012) and The Yellow House (2017). His work grapples with themes of resistance and racism and has appeared in New York Times Magazine and Esquire. Find out more about Chiwan Choi at his website.

Rocío Carlos co-publishes Wirecutter Collective. Born and raised in Los Angeles, her poems have been published in Chaparral, Angel City Review, The Spiral Orb and Cultural Weekly. She authored A World Below (2014), and co-wrote Attendance (2018), among others. Find out more about Carlos’s work here.

You can pre-register for Saturday’s 7:00pm event on Eventbrite. Both free and pay-what-you-can-tickets are available. For more information visit or

A brief note on pay-what-you-can ticketing: 

Our This Week is Lit series is all about access. We research free literary workshops and events intentionally, to broaden our readers’ means of entry into the art world. White Whale Books takes a stance similar to ours and is not requiring payment for tickets to their readings. However, if you are financially able, please consider purchasing tickets for a price you can afford. Proceeds from Saturday’s event will go toward SisTers PGH, a resource provider and community center for trans people in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In recognition of Pride Month, Saranac Review asks you to consider purchasing a pay-what-you-can ticket for this event. 

More Reading and Workshop Resources:

June 9, 6:30pm
, Virtual Poetry Salon Workshop with the American Jewish Historical Society. 

This workshop will be led by Lynn Melnick. You can find more information here:

June 9, 8:00pm, The Antibody with Brian Gresko. 

This week’s installment will feature readings from Patty Yumi Cottrell (Sorry To Disrupt the Peace), Sarah Gerard (True Love), and Kevin Nguyen (New Waves). Click here to find Youtube and Zoom links:

June 10, 7:00pm, Virtual Poetry Reading Series with White Whale Bookstore. 

Marlin M. Jenkins, Leila Chatti, Steffan Triplett, and J. Bailey Hutchinson will read at this event. Pre-register on Eventbrite. 

June 11, 7:30 pm, Wild and Precious Life Series, hosted by Dustin Brookshire. 

Guests at this event will include: Andrea Cohen, Kai Coggin, Noah Falck, & Shin Yu Pai. Join via Zoom. 

Please also note that registration is due by June 6 for the Wild and Precious Life Workshop Series, Sparks and Sprouts: Re-Starting Process.