Erin Redfern, "Another Skull"

“Once when asked why she painted skulls, she said that she was

unable to explain in words and would have to paint a picture to

explain it. ‘Probably I would do a picture with another skull in it

and then where would we be?”

—in Laurie Lisle, Portrait of an Artist: A Biography of Georgia O’Keeffe

no curtains, and the stones

hold their peace

the naked shells and bones

rise weightless

into held breath of blue

sill a bleached

socket waiting

for bloom of red, flowers

from a bleached

skull, fist of color


in the sky’s empty eye

swung fist of color


from the sky’s empty eye

words evaporate

like rain unspeaking

its pale paragraphs


they can’t explain

your painted paragraphs

cast such bright shadows

they can’t explain

all you mean to say

flown bruise of shadows

the shells and bones

will have their say

no curtains, and the stones

Photo: Jagdi, Pixabay.