Local History: Battle of Plattsburgh Celebration

Local History: Battle of Plattsburgh Celebration

By Ashley LeVasseur, SR Fall 2015 Editorial Assistant

Recently, I was able to venture downtown and experience a local festival called the Battle of Plattsburgh.

The Battle of Plattsburgh is a staple of local Plattsburgh history. This historic festival focuses on Plattsburgh’s involvement in the War of 1812. Primarily, how Plattsburgh’s role at the ending of the war helped Americans defeat the British. Every September the town celebrates this by hosting local art walks.  Shops offer discounted prices and food vendors circle around Trinity park.  Streets are blocked off as pedestrians walk to many of the historical booths.  Around the Macdonough Monument, also known as the Eagle Monument, other vendors sell historical items and goods and educate festival goers on the history surrounding the War of 1812.  The monument itself is opened to the public as a handful are allowed inside.  A stunning view of the town awaits those who reach the top of the 135-foot-tall obelisk.  

You can spot tourists on walking tours taking pictures of the downtown murals, as well as the new addition of a mosaic located at the intersection between Bridge Street and Durkee Street.  This colorful mosaic brings a new sight to the city of Plattsburgh.  If you visit, I highly suggest checking this hand crafted piece yourself.  The details on the title are breathtaking.  The Mosaic’s official reveal will be September 25th at 5:00pm  to 6:00pm. For more information please check out this website.

Among the food vendors, ranging from pizza to cotton candy, N.A.M.I, a local awareness group, hosts their annual soup cook off. I was fortunate enough to help set up the tents and organize crock-pots. Twelve restaurants offered soups to the cook off as local judges, Mayor Calnon from The City of Plattsburgh, Gordie Little a local author, and Stephanie Tourville from Eagle Country 97.5, enjoyed the local cuisine.  The money raised will help support the local branch to further educate and assist those affected by mental illness.  Please check out N.A.M.I’s website for more information.

Every year the Battle of Plattsburgh Festival grows. I enjoyed some soup, some music, and some history.  I enncourage experiencing these type of cultural events. Whether it’s venturing downtown to check out a soup cook off or listening to live music, these experiences enrich perspective.  I have a broader view on material for writing. From the steamy cup of corn chowder, to the cracking voices of young singers, the celebration of the Battle of Plattsburgh was an enjoyable experience.