September 11, 2017

Todd Bartel

The Landscape Vernacular series is an ongoing body of work I began in the spring of 2011 that explores landscape, terminology and imagery. Culling from a small collection of dictionaries dating from the early 1800s to the present, these collages juxtapose definitions with period ephemera to explore ideas and attitudes about land and land use, while also addressing the history of landscape painting,

December 28, 2016

Carole Glasser Langille "Winter"

Least undone: winter, when snow-covered ground holds cold. Lesson 1: loss is never lost. It folds itself into the bones of what’s to come. Frozen soil, uneroded even as wind blows through. Lesson 2: It is cold

December 28, 2016

J.R. Toriseva "Ice Gait: Pond at Rites"

Winter settles everything in frost, in roar, catches it in time. Winter segments waiting. This pond my heated crypt, my humid prayer, my unused tongue, my staircase out, this pond handed me a mermaid charm, a fresh water siren, and a talking stick. This water prayed over me,

December 28, 2016

J.R. Toriseva "Settle and Submerge"

Check the margin. This pond is the only photograph I have of myself. Scry water so generous, that even this cup magnifies itself into multitude, mires me to font, giving my tongue ocean instead of puddle. Transcribed, the solid salt of plurality allows